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Geared Motors

The Geared Motors also called as geared motor/gear motor, it is a blend of an electric engine and gearbox or gear framework. The motor is a component whose mechanism adjusts the speed of the motor, leading them to operate at a certain speed. The motors are used in applications that require high torque output at lower shaft speeds, which encompasses a wide range of applications and scenarios. Geared motors power many common applications, such as patient mobility equipment, precision agriculture etc.

Cycloidal Geared Motor

The Cycloidal Geared Motor is a unique type of speed reducer which provides very high reduction ratio with compact but robust design. Compared to conventional gear drives, like spur and planetary, it can achieve much higher reduction rations of up to 10 times in the same space or stage. Cycloidal gears are made up of a shaft, an output disk and at least one cycloidal disc. The Cycloidal Geared Motor is made available by us for use in the various applications as per the need.

Worm Geared Motor

There is a Worm Geared Motor offered by us that is a combination by worm gearbox plus Electric motor, the worm gearbox is assembled of two main structures: worm meshes with a worm gear, it uses the screw drive principle in a simple machine, this structure is similar to other gear reducers (worm gearboxes), it can reduce the speed or generate a large torque to fit the different use. The Worm Geared Motor is made available by us that is very effective.

Helical Geared Motors