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Inline Gearboxes

We are offering here the Inline Gearboxes that refer to such types as Helical, Shaft mounted, or planetary designs. These gearboxes are very common choices for most industrial applications due to their robust nature, high permissible radial forces, closely stepped ratios and low backlash. Helical gearboxes can typically be found in applications requiring high permissible radial force, stepped ratios and low backlash. Inline Gearboxes are designed to work hard in a range of industries, including leisure, healthcare and industrial automation.

Helical Foot Mounted Gearbox

Helical Flange Mounted Gearbox

Cycloidial Gearbox

The Cycloidial Gearbox consists of four basic components: a high-speed input shaft, a single or compound cycloidal cam, cam followers or rollers, and a slow-speed output shaft. The input shaft attaches to an eccentric drive member that induces eccentric rotation of the cycloidal cam. It uses the principles of cycloidal gears to provide high gear ratios (often 100:1 or greater) with excellent torsional stiffness. The offered Cycloidial Gearbox is made for use in the various places as per the need.

F Series Gearbox